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Aerobics Class
Personal Training

One-to-One, Small Groups and Online Training

Want to become fitter and healthier but struggling to get started?


Or maybe you’re kicking off with the best intentions but keep stumbling and your health and fitness goals stay out of reach.

Motivation doesn't come easy to the majority of us and sometimes we need that little bit of encouragement, guidance and support. Personal training is an ideal way to ensure you maintain focused on those goals. 

My Services

Image by April Laugh
Exercise and Healthy Diet

Personal Training

You know you want to achieve, but need that little bit of support and guidance. One-to-one and small group sessions are designed to suit your needs and your budget, and ensure you stay focused on that end goal. Sessions can be as frequent or infrequent as you wish.

Programme Design

Once your goals are defined, your programme is tailored specifically for you. There's no magic wand, but personal training will provide you with the support and encouragment to stay on track.  Simply stick to the plan and your goals are there for the taking. 

Online Training

With the wonders of technology, training and support can be offered online, giving you tips, tricks and ideas in the comfort of your own home, whilst keeping you accountable and ensuring you maintain that focus to reach your goals.

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